Photography: The Light Was Right For Semi-Silhouettes

These photographs – all digital and in colour – were made on the East Sussex coast in the UK. Looking towards the sun, the light was perfect for creating silhouettes with only – occasionally – a hint of colour in the images.

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keith and Peter Silhouette Beacy Head gimpcopyright

The prevailing wind sweeps in from the Channel and the Atlantic ocean, and the vegetation on the cliffs to the west of the beach bears the brunt of Channel gales


Clouds often take a course mid-channel – obscuring any chance of glimpsing the French coast

monster in the mist crop small copyright

Heavy low cloud and sea-mist shroud Marine Court – an Art Deco building on the marina of St Leonard’s-on-sea, East Sussex

monster with tree small copyright

The Monster revealed – slowly. 


Eerie sun through the thin spray –  the Monster – lighting up


At low tide, the remains of an ancient Petrified Forest are exposed at Pett Level where the sea-level and coastline have been subject to many changes.  At Cliff End the exposed beach rocks have been a rich area for fossil-hunters: Dinosaur footprints and ankle bones, and the jaw of a crocodile, are just some of the finds – apart from many fossils from the Cretaceous Period.  Flint tools have been found in the caves in the cliffs, so Early Man must have hunted in this ancient forest.

The ancient towns of Winchelsea and Rye are nearby, and the remains of the forest are reckoned to be at least 6000 years old.


The remains of the ancient petrified forest are exposed at low tides, and this beach is a favourite place to explore – winter and summer.


This beach has been rich pickings for fossil hunters


Wooden groins  have been constructed to contain sea erosion of the coastline here at Pett, but they need constant attention and repair.


A large Herring Gull flies towards me.  These birds nest in the cliffs along this coastline



A bright silver sheen reflects the glare of the westering sun.  A storm is on its way from the Atlantic

Copyright Rob Weatherburn 2015